Saturday, January 8, 2011

we gave thanks.

last year (or two months ago) the kids and i went up to Portland and then to Puyallup to spend thanksgiving with my family. my dad was crazy, i mean generous, and flew down to Sacramento and helped drive the 5 of us up. we left Sam behind as starbucks is a busy busy time and he needs to be in his store.
we made it up, in oh what felt like 18 hours, but was really less. seriously, someone MUST have been praying for us because at about 50 minutes to destination the fear of total meltdown was upon us, but 5 minutes later ALL of the kids fell asleep for the last of the journey.
that was friday. saturday, my sister joined us in Portland and my dad continued the journey with 3 of the kids to the cabin in Government Camp.
thank you dad.
those 3 days with just my little baby and my little sister were UN-BE-LIEVABLE!
these are some pics my sister took saturday morning before the kids went with my dad.

now, i have no pictures from the kids time at the cabin. i wasn't there. but i don't even have that many pictures from the trip, and that's really because i was having such a good time relaxing :)
up at the cabin the kids were introduced to hot chocolate.
which they now love.

and we made sugar cookies.

and my sister made a lot of food.
including this beautiful turkey.

thanksgiving. it was wonderful. my parents were exhausted by the time i left, mainly because i basically handed them my kids and then took a nice long break!

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