Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1 year old.

Henry Levi, March 23, 2009

12 months ago we welcomed the sweetest baby into our family. he was (well still is) described as the happiest baby. and rarely did he ever cry. he was perfectly content being worn or held by mama- there is no way around it, this baby is a total mama's boy (sorry sam). he is just always smiling. for awhile we cherished him as "our last" baby, but he will soon have a playmate of his own.
he adores his brother and sister, loving to follow them from room to room, searching them out. he super enjoys getting to tackle campbell when he is on the floor. i don't think he sees himself as being a baby, but instead just assumes he is their equal.
campbell and mason weren't walking by one, and neither is henry- although he pulls himself up to everything (mostly mama) and walks from item to item- he is getting braver, and has taken the falls to prove it.
he has adjusted well to sharing a bedroom with loud siblings, and has learned to sleep through their shenanigans. and this poor guy didn't follow the strictest of eating schedules as i couldn't keep him from putting everything off the floor into his mouth (as i write he's currently eating part of his pancake- via the floor).
he is a curious and care-free baby, and i can't help but wonder if that will continue on as he grows.
he is much loved by all of us, and i can't imagine my life without him.
the greatest surprise we have had yet.


Jessica Nies said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY you amazingly perfect wonderful little boy! I love you!!!!

Becki said...

happy birthday little man!

Eva Henson said...

Congratulations Mary & Sam on such a healthy, HAPPY, thriving little blessing of Henry. Nice write up on him and those pictures make me laugh because he is just so darn cute. I look forward to seeing who the next little blessing is that God's weaving together right now. :)

Christina said...

Seriously beautiful!