Sunday, October 25, 2009

sad bloggin' news.

my computer is suffering from "running better than ever-itis" courtesy of the all new Windows 7. Right now it is running in "paperweight mode". Very, very frustrating.
So, until this problem is fixed i won't be able to blog with any pictures for all of you, as all of my pictures are on my laptop, and seeing that right now when i turn my computer on it immediately crashes.
It's very frustrating.
So until the Windows 7 disc arrives (because apparently the simple "download" was corrupt) I won't be blogging.
It's all very ironic- seeing that I'm writing this all to you via a Mac.


Becki said...

yay for macs.

but, again, sorry about your computer!! hope it's all better soon!

Donna Nies said...

Maybe it caught the same virus the kids had :)