Sunday, August 16, 2009


sorry everyone for the serious blog delay. if you don't know, we are really-REALLY- sick here in the Nies' household. and it just sucks.
so, there has been nothing to really take pictures of (you don't want pictures of what we have going on here) and i have been to exhausted to even think about posting.
so, please pray that we get better soon- it's really just the kids, but tomorrow will be day 8 for Mason being sick, day 7 for Campbell, and day 5 for Henry.
and we are so ready to start day 1 of health!

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Glenda Dunham said...

So very sorry, Poor Everyone !! It is really scary when little kids are so sick. They get dehydrated so easily. I'm glad you are a wise momma Mary. Donna said you are pushing the Pediolyte. What did the doctor say? I am praying for the bqabies to get well and for you and Sam to stay well. Love Great Gran