Friday, May 22, 2009

you shouldn't leave them alone.

and this is what happens when you leave your baby girl in the bathroom for... oh 2 minutes? assuming she's coming out with you, doesn't always work.


Becki said...

that is one thing moses hasn't done yet (knock on wood)

Anonymous said...

When Sam and Jessie Ann were really little, Donna brought them up to visit us in Idaho. This TP trick was the first thing they did the first night . We didn't know it until little Sam came into the kitchen with TP wrapped about six times around his neck and body amd the rest of the roll trailing behind along with Jessie. They were giggling up a storm and having a ball. Really cute (except for the half of a roll they had already put in the water ) Grandma

Ashley Hopper said...

That's my little girl!!!