Saturday, March 14, 2009

all the things i wanted

i really, really wanted a little red headed girl.  and i honestly didn't know how much i wanted a daughter until i actually had one.
but another huge thing that i really, really wanted were- readers!  i've been a huge reader all my life, and Sam has an equal love for books.  we have been more than thrilled to watch Campbell be completely engulfed in them as well.
And now Mason is too!  Lately, while Campbell is watching Sesame Street, Mason will walk behind the couch, to the little corner where the giraffe chair is, pull out a pile a books and read to herself.  You can actually hear the inflection in her little chattering voice change as she chatters to herself while reading the pages.
I caught some pictures of Mason getting a book read to her by her current most favorite person- her Dad!

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